Cam Modelling Tips From The Top

I hope you enjoy the Cam Modelling Tips from the Very top!

1) Make sure the cam lifestyle is for you before investing!

Not everyone has the spoons to be performing for a sea of problematic chasers on a daily or weekly basis. This is why we created the Cam Modelling Tips page. Before investing in a new streaming computer and fancy cameras and lighting, make sure you like it!

Make an account on Chatturbate or any old website that allows you to broadcast yourself in a slutty manner just to give it a test drive. Use whatever cheap equipment you can get your hands on. Don’t worry about making money just yet!

If you’re having fun and enjoying the experience, maybe it’s the right lifestyle for you.

2) Investing in the proper equipment.

Being a successful cam model is about more than being talented as a sex worker. Having the right equipment in this industry is an absolute must if you have a desire to be successful and stand out from the competition.

  1. Internet connection.

Research your area and ensure that you are paying for the fastest connection speed available in your area.

  1. b) Computer

You want to invest in the absolutely nicest computer you possibly can, but for those who are starting on a budget, I would recommend visiting and browsing their refurbished models. Buy no less than an i7 quad core with 8 or 16 gigs of ram.

  1. c) Camera

This is simple–buy the one below and move on.

The Logitech c920 is the industry standard. Anything less is a waste of your time. Alongside our other hardware recommendations, this camera is fully capable of streaming in 1080p HD.

  1. d) Lighting

Many girls will try to steer you toward fancy stage lights. This is perfectly ok as a long term investment choice, but for many, they are absolutely unnecessary. I use a combination of Christmas lights, an overhead room light with an led bulb whose light was filtered by a pink shirt, a desk lamp, and a very large monitor that sent white light directly at me to come up with the combination that I felt the most passable and pretty in.

3) Familiarize yourself with the websites

I have worked on literally every website that allows trans women to enlist. Many do not. Transphobia is a bitch. That said, there are only two that I recommend.

  1. Streammate
  2. On this site, all of your shows are private or exclusive. You are NEVER naked without pay. Private shows are very expensive for clients and very labor intensive for performers. As with all camming sites, Streammate takes the lion’s share of your earnings. But there are well more than enough coins left behind to live comfortably after what they take.

I personally charge $3.99 a minute (yes, a minute), per person perform for a room of johns.

It goes something like this–I am in my lobby, flirting with a handful of johns. One John decides he likes me and takes me into a private show where he is paying 3.99 per minute of viewing. I begin to strip and interact with him in a sexual manner. Another john then joins and begins watching. He is now also paying $3.99. Another joins. The first leaves. The second leaves. Two more join for another few minutes. Everyone ultimately leaves and I return to my lobby to flirt and reel another john in to repeat the process.

For exclusive shows on SM, I charge 7.99 a minute to chat. These shows are entirely one on one.

In both private and exclusive settings, the johns will be very demanding. The difference is that in a private show, the johns know that you are juggling multiple requests and are often more patient. In an exclusive show, they expect their demands to be met, and in a hurry, as they are paying a premium rate for your time. I do my best to make an impression in every show, but I am particularly attentive to detail in my exclusive shows.

Again–on this site, your clients will demand a great deal of specificity, ie “I want you bent over with a toy in your butt.” “I want you riding your toy and masturbating.” “I want you to top me.” Etc.

I’ll get into the specifics of how to handle requests such as these in the performance section of this guide.




  1. b) Chaturbate


The second site that I recommend is free for any given user who chooses to log on. Payment is not guaranteed, and a client base must be established before you are to be successful; however, the power rests overwhelmingly in your hands as a performer to bend the flow and shape of your show.


On CB, you are performing for somewhere in the ballpark of 50-500 people at a time depending on the quality of your show and have complete autonomy over what you are doing with your time. The viewers get to choose whether or not to tip. You coax tips by creating goals that cost a certain number of coins for your viewers.


Lots of people will steadily drop 1-10 dollars over your head in the form of tokens, and eventually big tippers show up if you hang around for a few hours. This sort will shower you in coins in exchange for your attention. I charge around 20 dollars (in tokens) to remove pieces of clothing one by one, $100 to play with a toy for 10 minutes, and ultimately offer a show that results in my orgasm for 100-200 dollars.


CB is infinitely more user friendly than streammate in terms of the demands that are being put on you by johns. You have complete autonomy and spend significantly less time with a dildo in your ass or pretending to finger yourself and much more time being flirty and coaxing tips. Many will find the freedom associated with this site greatly rewarding.


That said, many will find the built in applications such as “tip king” and “tip goals” to be complicated and frustrating. First time users of CB are highly encouraged to look up a guide for these specific nuances as they are critical to effectively working an audience.


Note that the money-making potential of sites like Streammate that offer private shows only is often much higher depending on your particular style. That said, I would suggest that new girls start on a site like Chatturbate. Streammate’s private and exclusive only model can be extremely demanding and requires that you stay in perpetual motion. The constant demands can be overwhelming for first timers.



Stay tuned for Part 2 of The Ultimate Trans Girl’s Guide to Camming like a Pro where we discuss PERFORMANCE and CAMERA TRICKS & TIPS! 4) Performance

  1. a) Developing a personal style


One of the first things you will want to do is develop a style. My “character” is very girl next door; submissive and quirky, sweet, adorable, and flushed/ easily embarrassed by sexual talk. It’s not far from who I am in real life, so it stays fairly simple.


The idea of topping makes me want to vomit in real life, but my character doesn’t mind it. In fact, she loves it. It took me a long time to be able to do dom and top shows, but there are lots of men who want that, so it’s not something you want to miss capitalizing on if you can learn to stomach it for a few sessions a night.


At the end of the day, it’s all an elaborate act. I am not myself when camming. Things that trigger and hurt me in real life have ceased to hurt and trigger me during shows. A lot changes once you learn to step into a character entirely. This is something that requires practice. I would highly recommend starting out with just being yourself. Let things naturally progress and evolve.


If you sense a john is craving a more dominant partner, feel free to lean into that. If they make hints at certain secret fetishes and desires–coax those thoughts out of them. They will forget they are paying you by the minute if you manage to completely immerse them in their fantasy. The more open minded you are in this world, the more successful you will be.




  1. b) Talk for those coins


My personal style also includes a great deal of dirty talk during my shows. I have found this to be the most important skill in my arsenal.


With words, you can walk a client through a fetish situation. You can create whole fantasies in their head to imagine while they watch you riding your dildo or fingering yourself. Sometimes this involves roleplay and pretending that you are in a particular situation, ie–You were just picked up at the bar but he doesn’t know that you have a dick. Or maybe he is your dad’s best friend who was secretly sent to check in on you while your parents were away on vacation. Surprise! He caught you drinking, you bad, BAD girl.

There are no limits to what you can accomplish in a highly verbal show. Aim to entertain yourself–not your john. If you’re loving it, they will be too.

  1. c) Topping digitally

My top shows are entirely verbal. I have done so many of these at this point that I have the script memorized. it goes something like this once they have let on that they wish to be topped:

“Oh so you like being bent over and fucked really good don’t you. Mmm. That makes your mistress very happy. But before I’m going to go inside you, I want you to show me how good of a boy you can be. Why don’t you get on your knees for me? Can you do that? Good boy. Now I want you to bend over just like this and put your face in my lap. That’s right; that’s it. Press your face right up against my panties. Can you feel my girlcock starting to swell down there? You like that don’t you. I bet it makes you want…”

It kind of just goes on from there. Try to remain in tune with what EXACTLY they want in a topping situation because men are fragile and the wrong words can make them feel self conscious and leave. Some men just want to be topped but NOT dominated. Some want to be dominated but NOT feminized. Some men want to be dominated and feminized. Depending on their exact demands, my language changes. Sometimes I make them pick out a girl name and tell them what a good little sissy they are. Other times I am a more submissive, “I’ve never done this before, but it feels so warm inside you that I can’t stop moving my hips” style top.

  1. d) Know your fetishes


Stay in your comfort zone of course, but having a deep knowledge of the various popular fetishes that the internet has to offer and understanding what makes certain clients tick can be critical to your success. If you are able to help a client live out their most personal and deep fetishes, they will come back again and again. A lot of this is trying to get into the headspace of someone with that particular fetish. THE MORE YOU KNOW!

5) Enhance yourself with camera tricks.

When I first started camming, I did not “pass” in real life. But in perfect lighting, with a full face of heavy and well conceived makeup, and having spent quite a lot of time finding the perfect angles to present myself to the camera at, I came much closer to passability.

  1. a) Makeup

Start spending time learning makeup if you haven’t already!

Jeffree Star, as much as I hate him, does a great job of teaching techniques that are applicable for trans women who are struggling to pass.

Remember that on camera, in proper lighting, heavy makeup does not register anywhere near as heavy as it does in real life. This allows you to bend your look much further than you can when chatting with folks face to face.

  1. b) Lighting

I would recommend getting in full face and turning on a camera application that is not broadcasting before messing with your lighting setup.

Try positioning your lamp in various places in the room. Maybe drape a colorful or blanket over it to bend the color of the light. Perhaps incorporate some christmas lights and see how they impact your look. In this way, you can adjust virtually everything in your lighting setup without spending a penny on fancy stage lights.


*Don’t look at this as an exact science!* Just toy with your approach until you like what you see in the camera and continually tweak as you grow and evolve as a performer. The more you play, the better you will get.

The angle of the lighting is perhaps more important than its hue and brightness. Light reaching the face from head on or a 45 degree angle reduces the appearance of the brow bone and other masculine features. No matter who you are–direct, overhead lighting is not a good look and tends to make the face appear more gaunt and masculine.




  1. c) Camera angle

Play around with the angle of the camera and position it in such a way that it views you from your most flattering angle as a default in your lobby. If you have ever taken selfies, you will be aware of how we can tweak our overall look with angles.

The goal is to memorize your most flattering angles and postures and learn to flow through these seamlessly while avoiding the ones that are not flattering. This also extends beyond your face to the positions in which you are riding a dildo or fingering yourself.


Consider your body and its relationship to the camera at all times. Keep an image of you blown up on your monitor or dedicate a second monitor to keeping tabs on yourself at all times.


I always keep my shoulders pulled back to minimize their appearance. This also makes my breasts stand out more. Again, the goal is to flow seamlessly through a series of overly flattering angles while outright avoiding those that are not flattering. The particulars will be different for everyone.


6) Know who to pay attention to; BE KIND!


Some clients will just show up and hope to get off from chatting with you without any intention of ever giving you a penny. We call these “time-wasters.”


Be polite to them, but learn to identify them from their behavior. Feed the right wolves. Flirt heavily with big tippers. When a regular shows up in your room, act as if you have missed them terribly. Allow yourself to build friendships with clients, but always maintain boundaries. Whatever you do, keep engaging. Stay moving and flirting. Have funny stories prepared to tell them. Make up elaborate stories of larger than life sexual exploits. Anything to keep them interested.


Lots of girls play loud music and ignore their room until someone takes them to a show or tips. This is a huge mistake in my opinion, being that a large part of this job is learning to build “relationships” with your clients. It takes practice and a strong stomach, but you will get the hang of it. Some of them I even consider almost friends.




7) Be patient!


Be patient with it. You first have to grow a client base, and that isn’t something that always happens overnight. My first night ever camming I made 70 bucks in 3 or 4 hours. I just kept at it until I got to where I was when I first made the switch to escorting–making 175 an hour.

It took a lot of time, energy, and very real effort to get to that point, but with persistence, you can do it too.



This part can be hard. Especially at first. But try to have fun with it. I almost always have porn up on one of my monitors or my cell phone, muted, and I fantasize about the things that truly get me off in real life during my shows.


I can be doing a domme session with a john and talking him through it step by step, “I need you to get on your knees for me now, you little slut. Show your mistress how you like to play with that pretty little pink boi-pussy…” and meanwhile in my head I am making out with Beyonce or visualizing my personal kinky fantasies.


It helps a lot if you can bring your own fantasies into the mix. You can always test the water by teasing that you have a secret fantasy that you’re not sure if anyone would like. This will garner interest. Next thing you know you’re acting it out on your own terms and getting paid to do so.


There’s a lot of nuance as to how you can run your show. Just experiment and see what works for you to create the most positive and lucrative experience possible. Best of luck out their ladies and good luck making it through the storm.

We hope you liked out Cam Modelling Tips from the Top!

If you have any questions, get in contact with us here.

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