The road to being a successful cam model depends upon your talent, your look, communication skills, and creativity, but it begins and ends with your customers.

Keeping customers in your chatroom, or bringing them back for a repeat performance is not always easy. While nothing will work 100% of the time, there are simple things you can do to increase customer engagement and retention, and help you become a successful cam model.

If you’ve spent time as a cam model, there are obvious things that draw customers in. Other advice columns will tell you to be sexy, to be alluring, to be the customer’s fantasy.

All true, but not necessarily advice you can put into practical use to become a successful cam model. But what we can do is offer practical techniques to help you separate yourself from the other models your customer’s visit.

Since your chatroom is probably a mixture of old and new customers, keep things fresh in any way you can.

Cam Model Engagement

  1. Have interesting things to talk about. To keep an audience engaged, you should set the topic. Steer conversation toward something that interests you, or that you can discuss at length. Leaving it to customers to open conversation has the potential to create a lot of dead air, permeated by occasional “show me your ass”-type requests.
  2. Look your best! This seems obvious. While successful cam models relate to their customers on levels beyond physical, a variety of outfits to keep your customers intrigued and guessing will keep their visits from feeling redundant. Varying your location can also be a fun change to introduce.
  3. Successful cam models focus on active engagement. Games, giveaways, costumes, and toys can turn your chatroom into a more interactive experience. The more passive your customer’s experience, the less likely they are to remain engaged. Don’t stare into the cam and wait. Get creative and keep the energy in your room high.
  4. Have a plan for outreach! What is outreach? It’s when successful cam models literally “reach out” to their regular customers between chatroom visits or paid shows. There are a myriad of ways to do this, but note that personalized customer outreach has a much higher conversion rate than something like a mass email. In truth, it’s good to pepper in a little of everything.
  5. Use mass emails to all customers announcing a scheduled performance or appearance.
  6. Try personalized messages to a customer after a private show, thanking them for the experience.
  7. Re-engage customers you haven’t seen in a while. Use your notes to recall a past moment together.
  8. While most sites have free messaging between models and customers, you can also open the lines of communication with customers even further through services like a SMS tool such as “FlirtSMS” from or “Flirt Phone” when you are not online.
  9. The best personalized responses make your customers feel desired and memorable. Make sure to take notes on your customer’s likes and dislikes during conversations and performances. A reference to a sexy memory you’ve made together will make them feel special.

If your goal is to be the most successful cam model you can be, you can maximize your potential by integrating these customer engagement and retention strategies. Become special to your customers by offering a superior product that becomes a necessity in their lives.

Need more tips on how to be a successful cam model?

We’ve seen it many times in webcamming: a gorgeous cam guy outperformed by a less attractive model who knows how to build strong personal connections with their viewers.

There’s an expression in the industry that addresses this: Your look attracts. Your personality brings them back, another way of being successful in the cam modelling business.

The ability to build and maintain strong connections with customers is what sets middling cam models apart from those who rise to stardom, like Jakub Stefano or Izzi. So how do you use your personality to turn a new chatroom visitor into someone who will support your webcamming career for years to come?

Here are some strategies you can put into play immediately. Consider these tools to help you “tune up” your webcamming persona. Ready?

Webcamming with your customers:

Just Ask Questions.

Start your relationship with new webcamming customers the same way you’d start a relationship with someone in your personal life. Ask them questions that help you get to know them.

When you go out with someone for the first time, and all they do is talk about themselves, are you likely to ask for a second date? Probably not. Well, the same thing applies to your first-time viewers. Ask questions to show them you’re interested in getting to know them on a deeper level. Not only will it make them feel special, but it also reveals valuable information you can use to turn up the heat in their private shows.

Once you’ve asked questions, follow them up with more questions! Remember, you’re not just trying to make a customer think you’re interested, you’re trying to build a connection that will result in repeat visits and paid webcamming shows. Conversation is the foundation of any strong relationship.

Use Your Voice.

Be Vocal. Most customers who watch your webcamming stream will find talking (as opposed to typing) in your open room much more enjoyable and intimate. This helps in free chat because it shows new customers you’re physically engaged with your viewers. And in private, when paying for your time, typing responses takes longer, and can be an obstacle when you’re trying to turn up the heat.

Don’t jump to the naughty bits! When a private show begins, don’t jump immediately into your striptease or stroke show. Ask them about their day (yes, more questions are good). Share something about yourself. Make them feel welcome and let them know you’re excited to be with them. Make them feel comfortable and special, and they’re sure to seek you out for a repeat webcamming experience.

Be Postive!

It may sound corny, but don’t underestimate the power of positivity. Customers turn to cam guys and camgirls seeking companionship, fantasy, connection, and an escape from the stress of their day-to-day lives.


Be complimentary and appreciative. Your good attitude lets customers know they’ve come to the right place—a place that’s better than their stressful reality.

Take Notes!

Notes are a cam model’s best friend.

Take notes on specific customers while they’re in your chatroom or after a show. You can use them to double-down on the particulars of a certain user.

Remembering the fine details of your time together is a smart way to show customers you value them. They want to feel special in your eyes, and recalling details of their previous visit can do this for them.

Your shared experience was as memorable for you as it was for them! This level of dedication will distinguish you from the majority of models currently webcamming.

Say Thanks!

Show appreciation. Make sure your customer knows how grateful you are for every tip, large or small.

Honestly, none of us really know if a customer is wealthy or on a tight budget. The amount they spend in your room could mean more to them than the amount implies.

Let them know you appreciate their support. You are making a difference in a person’s life. Saying thank you or shouting out their screen name when they tip is a great way to make them feel connected and special.


Coming up with a personalized flirty nickname for a customer is another tried-and-true way to make your interactions more memorable.

Make them feel like the apple of your eye, even in a small way, could pay huge dividends in later webcamming performances.

Not every webcam model is a social dynamo. In fact, many get into webcamming because there’s less pressure in forming relationships online than there is in real life. And while it’s natural to feel shy and intimidated in your early camming sessions, remember: you are the star of your chatroom.

These customers clicked on you, hoping you’re the right model for them. If you struggle with engaging your users, follow these simple tips and you may establish longer and more lucrative connections while webcamming.

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Lights? Check! Camera? Check! An inviting room, a hot profile pic, and an outfit that teases? Check, check, and check!

All the prep work has been done, and now you’re ready to begin your first broadcast to become a camgirl!


New Camgirl Anxiety?

You may feel some anxiety as you’re about to click your way into camming. Don’t worry! That’s perfectly natural. Modeling puts you in the spotlight, and can leave you open to criticism and rejection.

Every top camgirl has reckoned with these fears early in their careers. One helpful tip is to remind yourself that your vital, real-life information is confidential, and that confidentiality can be very freeing.

Most camgirls think of their chatrooms as places where they can explore their sexuality without judgement. Remember, you can control the environment.

Your job is to entertain, and if a random visitor is deliberately trying to disrupt your performance, most major cam sites give you the option to block them.


Never Take Camming Personally

As adult star Katharine Cane said in her Guide to Camming interview: “never take things personally.”

If people come into your room and are mean or disruptive, it’s not about you.

Some people just want to get a reaction, and would probably behave the same way no matter whose room they were in.

Okay, enough about the potential negatives. Let’s move on to the good stuff. The show must go on!

Once they begin their camgirl lives, nearly every model says that performing has boosted their confidence drastically. Stick with it and you’ll look back at the last few minutes before your first cam show and laugh.


So you’re in. You’ve gone live and crossed into an exciting new world where the world can come to know and love you on cam.

The tips are already pouring in, right? Well, probably not. Your mission in every broadcast is to tempt viewers to send tips or, better yet, take you into a private paid show.

More than any other form of adult entertainment, camming is an interactive, relationship-based experience involving real people. For this reason, overnight success is very rare. Chances are, you’ll snag a few tips, but won’t have your first private show until your third or fourth broadcast.

Don’t worry. Keep camming at consistent times over the next few days and potential fans will start to realize you’ll here to stay, and connections will form.


New Camgirl Tips and Ideas:

Beware the Stare: Be active, and try to maintain a pleasant, positive demeanor. Looking bored as you stare at your screen waiting for tips will drive potential fans toward other models very quickly. If you need location ideas read this article.

Set tip goals for your viewers: even making a simple game of taking off your clothes can keep a paying user in your room. Something as basic as a tip countdown (100 credits for top off, 300 for bra … etc), can be very effective. As you gain experience, more elaborate games like in-room raffles and wheels of fortune can turn your broadcasts into fun games that keep them coming back

Never ask for tips outright. Camgirls are creating a fantasy of an intimate and sexy friendship. Customers who view you as a “money-first-model” may not be willing to put in the time to get to know you.

Do your homework! Review your site’s training materials, pay attention to the themed promo contests and incorporate them into your show. Having a plan when you log in will make you more comfortable during your early shows and let customers know you know what you’re doing.

Get to know your viewers. Ask questions and take note of their interests. Conversation is the best way to get to know someone. Finding a common connection will keep the conversation going and bring them back for more.

After you log off for the day, take a moment to review. What worked for you? What wasn’t working? What brought the tips, and what were you doing in slow time? How can you improve your cam performance as a whole? Stick with it, and with every show you’re sure to see a marked improvement in both your confidence and your camming results.


Don’t Forget about Sound Quality

Many amateur cammers focus solely on their makeup and wardrobe, while neglecting to provide viewers with a quality audio experience. Acoustic wall foam is cheap and can drastically reduce unwanted reverb in your moaning and sexy whispering. You can also make a DIY pop filter for your microphone using a hanger, a wooden hoop, and a pair of pantyhose you remove during a striptease.


Do Choose the Right Setting

It’s important to choose a camming environment that your client will find erotic. Here are a few examples:

A dimly lit bedroom filled with candles


PROS: Romantic atmosphere, sense of intimacy.

CONS: Scary.

A giant screen with your cam feed projected on it


PROS: Looks like there are an infinite number of you. Maybe you can charge client more.

CONS: Infinite recursion might make client contemplate the staggering complexity of the universe, killing eroticism.

Don’t Share Your Personal Information…

…unless the price is right. Charge viewers at least $5 for your real name, $7 for your phone number and $10 for a map to your apartment. You may have to immediately spend the money moving and changing your name, but this is called overhead and is a normal part of business.


Do Make Small Talk with Clients

Talking with clients is a great way to build intimacy without taking your clothes off. The idea of small talk, ironically, is to talk about large, ubiquitous topics that everyone can relate to. However, there’s a fine art to choosing which topics to discuss.


Good Topics: sports, weather, current events.

Bad Topics: the certitude of death, the fundamental absurdity of existence, the inability of one person to ever truly know another.


Do Stay Positive

Performing sex shows for random strangers on the internet requires high self-esteem, which is why it’s vital to maintain a positive attitude. One way to do this is meditation. Before your camming session, visualize exactly how you’d like the session to go – how much money you’ll make, what sex toys you’ll use, and how many times you’ll be asked to drink your own urine. Focus on this while staring at your glass dildo, imagining you’re inside the dildo and one with its essence until you’ve achieved nirvana.


Don’t Get Carried Away

Camming is a fun and easy source of revenue, but it can also be a “gateway drug” to more dangerous activities. We recently spoke with Shawna (not her real name), a former cam model whose life took an unfortunate turn. “I got so involved in the technical side of camming that I stopped modeling and went to college for computer engineering,” she says. “Now I’m CEO of a major webcam manufacturer and don’t have any time to be a sex worker, which was my real dream. Biggest mistake of my life.”


Let Shawna’s story be a lesson: Limit yourself to camming, or other harmless activities like stripping and prostitution, or you may end up a slave to a horrible, degrading industry that you hate.


Now you know how to be successful in the cam modelling business, make sure you know how to promote your show.

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