How to promote yourself
as a cam model

Camgirl/boy Marketing Guide and Tips

It is not an easy task to become a successful webcam model. It is not enough just to be willing to be successful, and it is necessary to take some measures to interest customers in your site or chat room and promoting your show.

Marketing is a huge part of being an adult industry performer. There’s no guaranteed income, and each performer is responsible for driving their own traffic and sales.

This is true for camming models, clip producers, phone sex operators and anyone else offering adult-oriented services. There’s also challenges such as the fact that not all social networks are adult-friendly. Luckily, the sites do a lot to generate traffic and there’s tons of tools of sites available for models to promote.

Social Media

The most important thing is your personality, show it through the cyber space and you will climb to the firs positions in your website, promoting your show is so important.

Having An Awesome Profile Image

Your profile page is very important. Having good photos will help you stand out and attract potential customers. This is especially true for the avatar / profile photo, as that’s what usually appears in search and on category pages. If the site displays a live camming show preview, it’s important to remain on camera and not look bored or boring.

Tags and Categories

A user could find you easily using filters in the search bar, so it its important to set your profile with tags like brunette, toys, or hot. You want to be listed under the tags that best describe you, your shows and your content. This is especially true for fetish models / fetish content. If the site lets you specify fetish you cater to, definitely take advantage of that as well!


Hashtags are extremely powerful tools in social media. You must always put some hashtags below every post you make on your wall or on other accounts, of course, related to webcam modeling such as #webcammodel or #modelingwithtoys. The more hashtags you use the more chances that people looking for information find you, in other words, more hashtags increase your chances to be seen.

ting hundreds of models at a time, without tags you will become just another face in the crowd. By using tags a user could find you easily using filters in the search bar, so it its important to set your profile with tags like brunette, toys, or hot. You don’t want to rely in only that kind of traffic, though. Additionally, you want to attract people into your room.

Gaining Fans and Followers

Pretty much every site has some sort of friend system or follower systems. Many of the sites offer tools to promote to your followers, whether it’s DMs and messaging or simply giving notifications to followers whenever you go online. Building up a following on the sites you’re performing on will always help you gain more exposure on those sites.


You need to follow the webcam site that you join. By doing so, you will keep on updated with new features, what is trending in the web cam industry, what other models are doing, getting ideas to improve your business, and more. You need also to follow influential people and other models, some of them will even follow you back, meaning, more visibility for you.


Now you know how to be promoting your show, you can also check out how to become succesful!

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